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    Umatilla Basin Regional Aquifer Recovery Assesment

    (OWRD Contract #R09-0001-009)

    Contact Gibb Evans, for further information at 541.567.0252

IRZ: Breakthrough Study Paves Way for First Large-Scale Agricultural Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) Project in United States

As aquifers and irrigation wells are becoming depleted, stakeholders and governments are looking for alternative and innovative solutions to meet the demand for water; maintain farmers' abilities to produce food crops; and, sustainably conserve water for future generations.

Following the passage of the Agriculture and Community Water Act of 2008 (SB 1069) by the Oregon Legislature, IRZ Consulting was awarded a contract to conduct the Umatilla Basin Recharge Project study.

IRZ's proposed ASR system would transport 50,000 to 100,000 acre-feet of water from the Columbia River each winter when water levels are high, store it in underground aquifer recharge areas and then be release it in the summer for agricultural use. The system would use existing infrastructure to both transport the water both to and from the aquifers.

The result: a sustainable solution to Oregon's water resource shortages; maximized agricultural production; a boost to Oregon's economy; and, a case study for agricultural regions across the globe on how to potentially address agriculture's future water shortage challenges.