Irrigation Management and Consulting

IRZ’s management and consulting services helps farmers to apply the right amount of water, at the right time to produce highest yield, while conserving, both water and energy. We combine sensors, weather data, and our expertise to help farmers make the most informed decisions for irrigating their fields. 

Our irrigation scheduling service pulls many pieces of data to create comprehensive crop water use forecast models. Our large network of weather stations across the regions collects real-time and daily data to inform growers on factors like rainfall, wind speeds, solar radiation, and more. Using this data, IRZ calculates an ET, which is the evapotranspiration of a given crop. We take pride in our highly accurate crop curves and models, that includes over 50 crops.  

With the combined data from weather stations and historical ETp records, IRZ can scientifically forecast the precise amount of irrigation each crop will need each day/week. This translates into a recommendation of the hours of runtime based on each irrigation system.

In addition to crop water use services, IRZ also provide “water and power tracking” services, to our clients. By using hour and flow meter data, we calculate the number of applied inches of water and update weekly reports on exactly how much irrigation and power is being used on each field. Whether you’re a larger farm charging back water costs to leasing growers, or ensuring you don’t overdraw your water well allocations, we give you the full picture of where your water is coming from and where it’s going. This data also measures the power usage, which calculates the costs to pump water. We finalize costs per acre-foot and per acre-inch of water (mm), for each center pivot. With our management services, a grower at the end of their crop season will know exactly how much money it would cost to put even an extra half inch of irrigation on any given field.

We take care of the records and documentation so you don’t have to, and make sure you have the right information at the right time to manage your irrigation systems. Take away the guesswork! With IRZ’s expertise and management services, we maximize your yield and minimize your costs.

Remote and On-Farm Sensing

With IRZ’s advanced remote and on-farm sensing equipment, we provide the tools to see exactly what’s happening in your fields anywhere and at any time. Our sensing tools have saved our farmers 10-15% percent on average in energy and water costs by giving them the data to make informed decisions on their irrigation management. Soil moisture monitoring equipment allows you to see current crop conditions, and hour meter and flow detection tools track your water use everywhere else.

Our soil moisture monitoring equipment comes in multiple forms. With neutron probes, IRZ field techs will manually take readings once or twice weekly as needed. This is used to calculate how many inches of water are contained in each foot of soil, while a rain gauge records how much water was applied by the center pivot. Alternatively, IRZ’s real-time remote system installs sensors at varying depths which take soil moisture readings every 30 minutes, painting a comprehensive picture of water use, penetration depth, and crop intake. All this data is sent to our online servers and databases to populate tables that show exact soil moisture levels. We compare this data to a max soil fill capacity line and a minimum plant stress line. This helps farmers find their crops’ ideal “goldilocks zone,” efficiently irrigate, and maintain an optimal environment for crops to thrive. 

With hour meter and flow meter detection tools, IRZ collects data on water use and pumping systems. Every week we document how many hours of irrigation were applied to each field. We detect not only where the water goes, but also where it comes from. By monitoring how much water is pulled from each source, we make sure farmers don’t overdraw or max out allocations. Combined, this sensing technology records the data in our water and power tracking reports, which also give insight into your pumping costs and savings.

No matter how you need it done, IRZ has the right technology for your farm sensing needs. We get you the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information so you can make the decisions. 


Process Water Consulting

Food processors, factories and power plants can all produce waste water, for disposal. IRZ works with many of these industries, to repurpose waste water into re-use water, where nutrient-rich water is applied to the farm, with crop using the nutrients for beneficial use of plant growth.

At IRZ, we understand that water is critical to life, and we advocate for the responsible use of this precious resource. To optimize sustainability, IRZ helps industries and farmers manage the re-use water, without waste, while meeting regulatory requirements. By repurposing this water for irrigation on crop fields, farmers can cut down on fertilizer costs and save processing plants the expense of purifying water. “Win-Win” 

To ensure this conservation practice is done responsibly, IRZ partners with farmers, laboratories, and regulatory agencies. We frequently take samples of water, soil, and plant tissue which are then sent to a third-party testing facility to track nitrogen levels. With neutron probes and real-time moisture sensors, we monitor soil moisture, accounting for all factors that impact irrigation on crops and fields. This data is compiled into yearly reports which we submit to regulatory agencies to verify that these process water irrigation systems meet all guidelines and requirements. This precise, rigorous, and scientifically backed process supports a mutually beneficial system between growers, plant processors, and the environment itself. 

We believe the “re-use water” practice, when done correctly, creates sustainable, economic, and efficient systems for all parties.



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